In Search of Swallowtail



Bhutan_Swallowtail_butterfly_tourButterflies belong to the group of insects. No other spices in the group are as charismatic as the butterflies. There are five families of butterflies all over the world.

In the past, Butterflies were simply collected as a hobby, but today conservation biologists use several species of butterflies as indicator for ecological conservation. In Bhutan, there is very little literature available about them.

In Bhutan the alpine meadows, Common Yellow Swallowtail and their raspy flight allures attention. In our descent into cool broadleaved forests, a very locally restricted species Bhutanitis ludlowi (Bhutan Ludlow’s Swallowtail) thrives.  It is both endemic and endangered. Recognizing its limited distribution and international status, the Royal Government of Bhutan in 2011, flagged it as the National Butterfly of Bhutan.

Bhutan Ludlow’s Swallowtail
Species :Bhutanitis Ludlowi
Status :endemic & endangered
Wingspan :110 – 130mm

Bhutan Glory
Species :Bhutanitis Lidderdalii
Status :rare
Wingspan :90 – 110mm

In Search of Swallowtail Outline Itinerary
Day 01:~ Arrive Paro – Thimphu
Day 02:~ Thimphu
Day 03:~ Thimphu – Punakha
Day 04:~ Punakha
Day 05:~ Punakha – Phobjikha
Day 06:~ Phobjikha – Bumthang
Day 07:~ Bumthang
Day 08:~ Bumthang – Mongar
Day 09:~ Mongar – Tashigang
Day 10:~ Tashigang – Tashiyangtse
Day 11 & 12:~ Bumdeling to sighting Bhutan Ludlow’s Swallowtail
Day 13:~ Tashiyangtse – Mongar
Day 14:~ Mongar – Lhuntse
Day 15:~ Lhuentse – Bumthang
Day 16:~ Bumthang – Paro by domestic flight
Day 17:~ Haa
Day 18:~ Paro
Day 19:~ Departure


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