Bhutan Birding Tour, a sister concern of Bhutan Bokar Tours, is a name familiar with birders and ornithologists who have come to this secluded and magical part of the world to glimpse, spot, listen and photograph Bhutan’s amazing variety of bird species, 675 on last count.

With trained and experienced local field guides who are keen birders themselves, Bhutan Birding Tours as a specialist has led birding groups from around the world to the best places in Bhutan to sight its avian diversity, both common and rare.

Bhutan’s amazing diversity of flora and fauna is largely because of deeply held spiritual beliefs drawn from Buddhism, which propounds respect for other sentient beings with whom we share the natural world. This has ensured that Bhutan’s environment is pristine and untouched and the incredible range of natural habitat, from the sub-tropics to the high Himalayas, is largely intact.

The Buddhist principles of living in harmony with nature form the cornerstones of the government’s conservation policies, which has declared more than 26 percent of the landmass as protected areas and national parks. The Bhutanese constitution states that more than 60 percent of the country must remain under forest cover for all times to come. As of now 72 percent of the country is under forest cover (including shrub).

Considering her size, Bhutan has the most diverse eco system at least in Asia and has been recognised as one of the 10 global biodiversity hotspots in the world in terms of ecological biodiversity within a given land area.

Bhutan Birding Tour is the name to remember to discover Bhutan’s amazing variety of avian species.