How to book Bhutan Birding Tour
If you decide to visit Bhutan for birding through Bhutan Bokar let us know how you would like to spend your time in Bhutan and we can plan an itinerary for you.

You could also look up sample itineraries on our website. Once the itinerary has been finalized we will tell you how long the tour will be and the amount of payment that must be made in advance.

We can calculate the payment for you and this must be wired or online payment to the Bhutan Bank through our international partner abroad, with Bhutan Bokar specified as the ultimate beneficiary and we will provide the online payment link. It will go into the account of the Tourism Council of Bhutan and the payment released to us only after your tour is completed.

Once this payment has been received in Bhutan, we will start processing your visa with the Tourism Council of Bhutan. To process your visa application, we need you send us a scanned copy of your passport, which must a validity of more than six months at the time of departure. Visa processing is done within a week. Once your visa application has been approved we will email you a copy. You are now set to visit the land of the thunder dragon through Bhutan Bokar!

Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian nationals travelling to Bhutan can obtain a visa on arrival on producing a passport that is at least six months valid. Indians can use their voter card as well.

All other visitors must have a visa to enter Bhutan and are required to book their travel through a licensed tour operator, such as Bhutan Bokar. The Bhutanese tour operator will handle processing your visa, which is done through an online system. Your foreign travel agent all has go through local licensed tour operator like Bhutan Bokar.

Visitors must send a scanned copy of their passport to their chosen tour operator who will apply for the visa to the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB). TCB processes the visa clearance Letter within 72 hours of receiving full payment for the duration of the visit, as well as a USD 40 one time via fee, to their account with the Bhutan National Bank. An email of the bank wire receipt should be sent to the local Bhutanese operator.

At the point of entry, visitors need to show the visa clearance letter for your passport to be stamped with the visa.

While Bhutan is open to visitors some monasteries and areas are restricted to outsiders. To travel to these areas or temples a special permit is required from the Bhutanese government.

Package cost:
All visitors to Bhutan have to book their tour through a registered tour company, like Bhutan Bokar.
The tourist tariff as set by the government is USD 250 a night per person during peak season (for a minimum group size of three persons). Peak season is from March to May and from September to November.

During off-season, which is December to February and from June to August, the rate is USD 200 a person a night per person (for a minimum group size of three persons).

We also charge surcharge to combat the birding running tour cost and daily allowance for  professional birding guide which is not cover by daily set tariff. We will explain you at the time of providing quotation.

Single travelers and those in a group of two also pay an extra $40 and $30 per night respectively by way of a small group surcharge. This determines the basic Bhutan travel cost of your trip. There is also plus of US$40 one time visa fee to pay.

The daily tariff covers:
Government royalty of USD 65 per person per night
Two percent tax per person per night
Accommodation in a hotel approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan
Meals and bottled water
Vehicle and driver for transportation
Entry fee to museums